March 2013 Newsletter

How many times have you heard or said that in the past week! Amazingly 2 months have passed this year and I'm STILL trying to remember to write 2013 rather than 2012.

The fabric still keeps on coming! And it just keeps getting more exciting - the colours are fabulous, and the prints are wonderfully versatile.

Late last week we had more Tonga Batiks arrive. As well as the five new 2.7m wide bolts pictured below, we have 3 colours that are normal width (112cm - 44 inches) that arrived as well. These are Tonga Java Blenders, and as you can see them in the first 3 images. These colours are good with for the batik precuts that we have in stock. More colours will be added soon.

You will find them under Printed 112cm/44 Inches.

(Tonga's are known for their beautiful colours, light weight and soft handle)

Tonga Java blender lime 44 inch

Tonga Java Blender LIME

TONGA JAVA Blender Cream 44inch

Tonga Java Blender CREAM

TONGA java blender INK 44 inch

Tonga Java Blender INK

the new Tonga Wides 2,7m/ 106" :

If you click on any fabric it takes directly to the Batiks page.
The Batik precuts link is


Tonga Scalloped Floral MAJESTY


Tonga Honeysuckle LUSH


Tonga Aerial Garden View BELUGA


Tonga Secret Garden FOAM


Tonga String of Spades SUEDE

And also what WE'VE ordered...

There is a new cut of this coming also - 20 strips WOF x 6 inches. And i will keep you informed when it arrives. This is also a Tonga Batik. How pretty is this!


2 1/2 inch strips x 40.


Tonga 2.7m /106" wide TAFFY

In the last newsletter i introduced Swatch Buddies. I was so excited about telling you about how great they are, i actually didn't mention how or what they are used for. They are brilliant little cards that you can stick your fabric samples to, and when you are looking for 'a piece' you have your other fabrics from your project with you to help with further purchases. There is a brilliant website with a quick tutorial on how to put them together (as well as other uses for them) at

So have a quick look and you may be converted like i was!

Another post in a few days as more fabric came today!

Plus we are 6 years old this month. We will be offering a special in the next newsletter to mark the occasion.

Cheers for now,

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