Mid March Excitement!

Well i just wanted to tell you about our news! We've taken a lease on a shop premises - and for the past few days we've all been working to start to prepare it for moving Widebacks to its new home. (and out of mine) It has happened very quickly, (we only got the key on Thursday lunchtime - but amazingly so far we've made huge progress. The carpet has been cleaned and the walls are now painted. Watch this progress over the next 6 days. We are having a group visit NEXT Saturday, so its going to be a crazy ride this week.

My amazing family has come to the rescue again, and have all helped enormously. Ben & Kristen are the parents of Liam & Chelsea, & Peter & Danae have Baxter, Fleur & Oliver. We are a very close family, and the kids are very loving to each other. They fall into 2 natural groups wehich we've named Team A & Team B. Liam & Fleur (A) & Baxter & Chelsea (B). We all just share Oliver who is a delightfully happy placid baby.

I know you'll forgive my indulgence with this newsletter. I am quite excited and just wanted to share the news with you all. Hadn't expected to be moving for our 6th Birthday. I have got some Special Birthday Offers planned for that too, but will do this move first, then post details of that.

Any suggestions for the new workroom welcomed.

Cheers, Brenda 
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