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Press n Seal

A 'Glad' product.

This product is produced by GLAD as a kitchen product in the USA.  It has some interesting uses, but the one we are primarily interested in is for transferring quilting designs onto fabric by using the press'n seal either as a 'stitch through' template after having traced your design onto the press'n seal OR it could be used in conjunction with a pounce pad, after being 'needled'.  

It will adhere to your fabric without the need for pins or basting - and you can stitch right through it and remove it easily afterwards.  Suitable for hand or machine quilting. 

I saw this demonstrated recently with a motif  for hand quilting drawn on paper inside a plastic sleeve.  A piece of Press n seal was placed over the plastic sleeve and the motif traced onto the PnS.  the PnS then just went directly onto the quilt and the quilter was hand quilting directly though through the PnS.  It stayed in place BUT was easily removed.

**note - 2 packs of press n seal will fit into a 500g express post bag. ($10.55  as at 20/3/15)

Its also a great product for the kitchen for where it was originally designed for in the USA market.  Google it and see what a great product this is!

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