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Picture of Chevron Cuddle  RED (Minky) 1.6m piece

Chevron Cuddle RED (Minky) 1.6m piece

Kozy Cuddle 1.6 m wide x 1.6m

2 pieces of Shannon Cuddle sewn together make a  quick elegant throw.  No quilting or wadding necessary.  We have one which is cream both sides and another which is black one side and silver on the other.  They both look lush! Quick inexpensive gift that takes only an hour to make!  Fantastic value at the reduced price of $20 metre.

This elegant, soft and cuddle fabric has a minky surface with chevron embossing, 5 mm pile, 450 grams and is 58-60 inches wide. 100% polyester, machine washable and dryable. Made in Korea

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Manufacturer: Shannon Fabrics

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