Just for your information

Our sale this year has had a few hiccups - just admin problems, not problems with the fabric.  Anicipating that  this will be all rectified next week from jan 5th  when the programmers are back on deck.  In the meantime - if you are having problems don't give up!  All fabrics are at least 20% off.  Some are 30% & some are even 35% .  Our 112cm/44" wide stuff is 20% off & all patterns are 10% off as well.  Precuts are 20% off too.  

If your order doesn't calculate the discount we will do it.  Unfortunately one ofthe prblems is that ONLY the discounted price is showing -the orignal price has disappeared from the screen, so its hard for you to see what you are saving - this should be fixed next week

If you would like to collect your order rather than paying postage, we are happy to accomodate this option. 

PUT YOUR ORDER THROUGH AS PER NORMAL & than send us an email telling us you'd like to collect.  We will not be processing orders (or $$)  until the last week of January.  We will email you when your order is ready to collect.

As mentioned in our newsletter, there is a lot more product to be put on the website, so check back occasionally.  We will collate all orders so you wont pay more postage than necessary.