We Did It.

Remember last Saturday nights newsletter....(very daggy shop with the family all working hard painting & scrubbing etc)? Well we've had a week we'd sooner not repeat in a hurry - working around the clock till ridiculous hours (after a days work for the boys) and we did it. 
We had our first day of trading on Saturday, and we had a fantastic response. We were all just so pleased at everybody's positive reactions, and the really great 'vibe' that was happening all day.

Of course this wouldn't have happened without such generous friends and family. I would like to acknowledge my friends Peggy, Donna, & Pam for their help on Friday doing the precuts. 5 huge cartons of new stock arrived from Moda, and they sorted, priced and displayed all of this as well as all the precuts we shifted over from home. A big job & they probably will ache for a week. Thanks so much ladies!

I also want say thank you to everyone who sent such kind emails of support through the week, as well as the phone calls. It means such a lot to me, that you'd take the time to write/ring, so thank you very much.

I've got some good specials coming up, but am behind with admin so cannot give the details today. The next newsletter will be all about fabric & include the 6th birthday specials & new stock images.

This is just a few photos of the crazybusy week, and here we are a few hour later on Saturday.


Wednesday? New flatpack we have 14 of them. Still not enough!


The 'Vision' : A huge painted quilt on this wall. Suggestions??


Ray decided on the layout. It is brilliant. We have a gallery too now.


Thursday. Insurance covernote: tick! Now can start bringing fabric in.


Kristen. Thursday dinner. Hmmm chicken, chips & salad this time.


Friday. Starting to get racking sorted. Just need to add fabric now.


Thursday. Donna pricing at the table.


Friday. Donna pricing UNDER the table.

We still have a lot to do, but we have made an amazing transformation in less than a week and a half from getting the key till opening the doors to the public. Ray, Ben, Danae, Pete & Kristen all made this happen. Rent a Crew. They come with 5 kids under 8 if you're interested. :)

If you are interested in visiting & you are interstate - come for the day!: Find a cheap flight (check dates with me first please!) and we'll pick you up & drop you back at the airport. We are only 20 minutes from the airport so its easy.

If you're local you're very welcome to visit. As i haven't worked out a routine/hours yet & am still moving office stuff there, please phone to ensure i am actually there, at least for the next few weeks till i get sorted. Thanks for being understanding.

The address is: 
Shop 4, 
Davey's Road & Emerald Street 
Flagstaff Hill 5159 
South Australia.

Mobile: 0419 199 727 
Home: 08 8370 7546

If you've read this far, I salute you.

Cheers, Brenda.