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Picture of Halos Puddle

Halos Puddle

2.75m /108" wide

Anna Marie Horners' new collection of 108” wide quilt back fabric, Halos, features a raw, imaginative drawing - with a slight ethnic flair - portraying a simple floral within a halo across a broad field of color. While these beautiful fabrics will make for time-saving quilt backings, bedding and curtains, they will also be fantastic used as the foundation of an improvisational or appliqued quilt top! Their variety for use is truly endless. The six pieces in the collection have an equal dose of saturated hues and easy-going neutral tones that provide the adventurous quilter with endless options, and so that they mix in effortlessly with Anna Maria Horner’s latest collections.

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Prices per metre. Please order by .25m (eg 1.25 or 2.75 )
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