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Book Patchwork Sassaman Style


Patchwork Sassaman Style is "a book that will launch a quilting revolution". Based on traditional blocks and minimal piecing, Jane transforms personality prints into graphically bold quilt masterpieces.

Using stunning color photos and detailed, easy-to-follow recipes,  Jane walks readers through her innovative process of selecting and combining colors and prints. Everybody-from beginning stitcher to advanced quilter-can create dazzling quilt designs.

Everybody from beginning stitcher to advanced quilter can create these dazzling quilt designs, as the author goes from easy whole-cloth quilts to more intricate-looking, yet easy-to-make, quilts. The book includes 20 years of Sassaman's work and exercises for making nature-inspired quilts. Sassaman takes two fabrics and a few simple shapes and turns them into extraordinary quilts, where the shapes lose their definition, seams disappear, and motifs dissolve into one another. This is the essence of Sassaman style.

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