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DIY Face Mask Filter Media provides an added layer of protection to homemade and store-bought face masks. In fact, it’s the same 100 percent polypropylene needle punched material that we sell to commercial face mask producers (i.e. medical, dust, paint, etc.). This vital filtering layer previously only available to the commercial sector, is now available to you! The material contains an electrical charge to capture particles in the air. Use the filter media as an inside/interfacing layer of a sewn mask or as a removable filter for pocketed masks.

24″ wide.   A 25cm piece will make approximately 4 masks.  Are you looking for interesting fabric for face masks?  Look at Jen Kingwell Remix or Fine & Sunny ranges.  They have 8 different prints printed on the length of the bolt.   Very cool for masks!  https://www.widebacks.com.au/?s=jen+kingwell 







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25cm minimum purchase

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