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Complete straight line designs with ease. For continuous curve designs and curved cross-hatching applications. A must-have tool for Short-arm, mid-arm, long-arm, and domestic sewing machine quilters. Designed for all types of quilters, quilting machines, and right or left handed quilters. The ruler base is 1/4″ (.236 thick acrylic) thickness and is 2-1/2″ wide. By transferring the ability to control the ruler with your fingers using the finger grips, you will ease tension in your shoulders while quilting, the placement of your fingers on the ruler is a natural position for your hand and your arm.


  • Thick crystal clear cast acrylic base for durability and an unobstructed view of your pattern and material.
  • Resistance strip on the underside of the ruler base keeps your ruler in place while quilting.
  • Laser scoring on the underside for design width accuracy.
  • Incremental scoring (from needle down) edge of ruler base to edge of hopping foot = 1/4″, first scoring from ruler edge = 1/2″, second scoring from ruler edge = 3/4″ and third scoring from edge = 1″ of design width.
  • Reference lines are laser scored in a dash pattern. The reference lines are at the 45 degrees, center width and center length of the ruler base. Three ways to keep your CC ruler in line while quilting.
  • Finger grips: Promote a natural hand position on the ruler. Keeps you in control of your ruler at all times. Allows you to manipulate the ruler, even a tiny bit, to keep you stitching where you need to be. With the finger grips you can have light resistance or strong resistance on your quilt top. The control is where it needs to be.
  • Concave and Convex are the same radius, making the ruler easy to use, easy to align correctly and delivering accurate results.

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