Stiletto & Pressing Tool. byAnnie. SUP207

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We’re excited to announce a brand-new tool which every sewist and quilter is sure to love! After over a year in development, the ByAnnie’s Stiletto & Pressing Tool is now available. This precision placement tool combines a stiletto with a pressing tool with several special features that set it apart from any tool on the market. A rough tip to prevent it from slipping on fabric and a flat part on the handle to keep it from falling off your sewing table. One of Annie’s very favorite tools, she considers the stiletto/pressing tool to be every bit as important as a rotary cutter. It is always in her hand as she sews.

  • Made of: Wood and Metal
  • Use: Stiletto and Pressing
  • Included: One Tool
Category: byAnnie, New March 2022, Other
Weight: .2 kg

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