Zipper Pulls NEUTRALS. 4.5mm. 12 pack.

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Need an extra pull for leftover zipper tape or to make a double-slide zipper? Extra pulls are now available in all 48 colors to match the #4.5 handbag zippers available from ByAnnie.

Mix and match colors of zipper pulls and colors of zipper tape to come up with the perfect color combination for your project!

These extra-long #4.5 pulls make your bag or purse easy to open. It’s also very easy to insert a fabric zipper pull in the large opening of the one-piece zipper pull.

NOTE: These pulls are made to be used on #4.5 zipper tape and are not compatible with other sizes of zipper tape.

White, Black or soft Tan continuous zipper is available @ $4.50m.

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Category: Bag Hardware, byAnnie, New December 2020
Weight: .3 kg

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