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Adorable zip pouches with basket-style zip handles. Perfect for a pencil case, sewing notions, treasures, and more. Grab your favorite fabrics then cut a little, sew a little, zip a little – and done.

Project Features
– Easy zipper installation.
– Trick to trim and secure zipper ends.
– Basket-style zip handles.
– Manage directional fabric.
– 80+ color photos and illustrations.
– Presser foot and stitch recommendations.
– Pressing and finishing tips.
– Pattern tested for the accuracy and quality you expect from Lazy Girl Designs.

Rotary cut project.
No pattern pieces included.
Small: 7 1/2in L x 2 1/2in H x 2in D
Large: 9 1/2in L x 3 1/2in H x 2in D

Small: 11in squares
Large: 13in squares
2 squares of Fabric, 100% cotton quilting weight
1 square of Fusible Fleece, polyester, medium loft
1 square of Lightweight woven 100% cotton fusible interfacing, Face-It Soft by Lazy Girl Designs recommended
1 Zipper, all-purpose, polyester, YKK brand recommended (See note below)
Small: 14in minimum
Large: 16in minimum

Note: Zipper lengths are minimums. A longer zipper is nice to give you more room to work when attaching handles, but will result in a little unused zipper length.

3in x 5in piece of template plastic or an index card.
Size 70/10 or 80/12 SCHMETZ brand Universal or Microtex machine needle.
Erasable marking tool recommended.
Sewing Clips and Desk Stapler. 

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by Lazy Girl Designs

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