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WIDEBACKS specialises in high-quality wide-width fabrics measuring 2.75m-3m  wide.(108-118in).  We have more than 1300 wide-width fabrics in stock, making us the world market leader.  We don’t sell inferior fabric, we believe your quilt back should be a beautiful as the front of the quilt.  Your quilts will be reversible  & stunning both sides! Complement or contrast your backing – the choices are wonderful.

I was inspired to start buying & selling purpose made (108″ or 2.75m wide) quilt backing fabrics when it became evident to me many years ago that there was a gap in the Australian market.  I was a very busy professional machine-quilter for a number of years and was frequently confronted by very poor quilt backs.  They often had multiple seams, & frequently had irregular joins, making quilting on my Gammill more challenging that it should have been.  I decided to do something to change this situation.  I knew some of the big fabric companies of the world produced wide-width fabrics for quilt backings, but they were not easily available in Australia.  There were very few produced back then – how times have changed since we started & created the word ‘Widebacks’!

WIDEBACKS the name was created by my husband Ray & WIDEBACKS the Business kicked off with a bang.  Right from the very beginning, the Australian patchwork & quilting community embraced these backings with enthusiasm. Initially as an online business, we ran Widebacks from home for the first 7 years, until fabric started to fill all rooms & hallways.  We moved into a shopfront in 2013, and we’ve ballooned since then.  We’ve added mountains more products and services, and have become a comprehensive fully stocked quilt shop. offering a wide range of 112cm (44″ wide fabric) as well, along with many types of thread,  lots of haby products associated with quilt making, books, patterns.  In 2018 we moved to a larger premises and we continue increase our product ranges whilst still providing the best selection of Wide backings in the world.  We still offer an extremely efficient online service, including International mailings.  We have received many thousands of emails from happy and satisfied customers, expressing their thanks for our great service & wonderful backings.  We continue to send samples to assist with backing choices, and will try to assist however we can to get the perfect backing for quilts. We are situated in the the southern area of Adelaide, in the beachside suburb of Seaford.

We have a varied and interesting range of kits, and always have quilt kits suitable for boys and men.

WIDEBACKS offers the best products from all the major patchwork fabric manufacturers.  We  do not stock, sell, or endorse poor quality fabric.  The difference in price between an inferior product and a good product is really very little.  Your time, effort (love) & passion goes into quiltmaking.   Our prices are good, & from time to time we are able to offer some wonderful bargains.  Same excellent fabric, genuinely reduced in price, NOT rubbish fabric overprice and promoted as ‘bargain’ priced.   We stand by our products – we want your quilts to be the best they can, and we will assist you to make that happen. 🙂

We express post daily.  We always post as economically as possible, and don’t charge a handling fee.  We are willing to assist you on the phone, or via email or texts if you would like assistance with orders, or to calculate your meterage for quilt backings.

We welcome your contact.


Brenda Wade

08 8370 7546

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