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Take beauty on the go and look stylish while doing so!

Whether you’re globetrotting or touring closer to home, you’ll love these stylish cases for carrying cosmetics, jewelry, first aid supplies, and more.

Use the larger case for extended vacations and the smaller cases for a quick weekend getaway. Throw in your glam and you’re ready to go anywhere!

The small train case measures 5.5″D x 8.5″L x 2.75″H. The medium is 6.5″D x 9.5″L x 4″H. The large case measures 7.5″D x 10.5″L x 6.5″H.

You’ll love being able to sling the bag over your shoulder, knowing that everything inside is safe and secure.

Whether you are going to a friend’s house, attending a class or retreat, or just needing to get everything off the dining room table or out of the guest room, you will LOVE these versatile organizers.

The small portfolio measures 14″H x 20″W x 1½” to 3¾”D when closed and will hold a 12″ x 18″ mat.

The large case measures 21″H x 26½”W x 1½” to 5½”D when closed and will hold an 18″ x 24″ cutting mat.


Finished: 8″W x 18½”H open, 8″W x 6″H closed

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