Bronze Mosaic Pattern Quilt /Gem 5 & 10 Rulers Class with Sue Knuckey. Saturday June 1st


Phillips Fiber Art are renowned for innovative rulers & the amazing  quilts, table centres & projects that can be made with them.  We are very pleased to be able to offer this class in June with Sue Knuckey tutoring this  exciting  ‘Kaleidoscope’ piece.  We don’t have a sample made as yet, so am showing the pattern – but the possibilities for a dramatic piece are worth waiting for i think!     Class cost is $100.   deposit is $50.00 which is what you are paying for here.  Ruler and  pattern are not included in the deposit, but will be purchased prior to class from Widebacks with the discount applied…  (ruler $43 & pattern $18 before discount)

with the balance being due by June 1st.   follow this link to secure your seat!

The pattern & the ruler are available at a discounted price.  All participants are offered 10% on all class requirements and also for any purchases made on the day of the class.A ten sided shape, new to the quilting world, can be easily accomplished with the new Jewel Box Tools.                                                                              “Uses Jewel Box Gem 5 & 10 rulers by Phillips Fiber Art  By Selectively Cutting the start Points of the design you get an intricate mosaic design with little effort. The supporting shape which rings the star is cut from a simple strip set of fabrics

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