Perfect Template Templates Set R 5″ Peaky & Spike


Marti Michell

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Peaky and Spike are the two triangular shapes that usually convince people they love these templates. The 3″ size is in Set C and 4″” is in Set D. People have asked for a larger set, and here it is! Set R makes a 5″ finished square. The 5″ size is perfectly suited for today’s popular larger fabric prints, and it doesn’t take many blocks to cover a bed. Make dozens of different blocks.

The late Doreen Speckmann, who was a good friend of Marti’s, named this lovable pair and promoted them to the quilt world because they can be used to create great geometric patterns. In their simplest form, you’ll love the many 10″ and 15″ pinwheels and star blocks you can make.

Set R is compatible with Set Q for even more block patterns.

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