Zipper by the Yard NAVY ZIPYD235 byAnnie.

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Zippers by the Yard contain 4 yards (3.65metres) of zipper chain and 16 colour-coordinated extra-large pulls*. This packaging enables you to make single-slide or double-slide zippers of any length (up to 144″) with little waste, saving money and time.

*NOTE: Black and white are also available in a pack with 16 different colours of pulls. Order White-MULTI or Black-MULTI to get black or white zipper chain with one pull each in 16 different colours: buttercup, dandelion, chartreuse, apple green, turquoise, robin’s egg blue, parrot blue, Tahiti, lipstick, raspberry, crazy plum, atom red, hot red, tangerine, pumpkin, and papaya.

Category: byAnnie, New June 2021, Zippers
Weight: .2 kg

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